No More Waiting

on PI Liens.

Physician Financing for LOP Patients
in just 15 Days…Even if the Patient is Uninsured!



Eliminate Collection Risks

It’s no wonder so many physicians who treat personal injury victims are apprehensive of accepting patients on a Lien or Letter of Protection (LOP) basis. Reimbursement of lien-based A/R – if you get reimbursed at all – can take two to three years while the case winds its way through the court system. Meanwhile your Average Days Out keeps growing and you’re shouldering all of the overhead.

Solution: Med+Care Solutions’ Physician Financing Program solves this problem. We purchase lien- and LOP-based A/R, providing funding in a matter of days.

+ Minimal paperwork

+ Fast approvals

+ 15-day Funding

+ 24/7 access to account info

+ Absolutely no risk

It really does not make sense to keep your liens. By selling them to MED+CARE you:

Get Risk-Free, Non-Recourse Funding Med+Care Solutions takes all of the risk. If a purchased lien ultimately is not collectable, we assume the entire loss.

Expand Your Practice Accept uninsured patients that you may have otherwise refused. Obtain quick approvals for motor vehicle accidents, worker’s comp cases, and more. We can even help you find hospitals or ASCs in your area that will accept these medical lien patients, too.

Improve Your Cash Flow Get reimbursed now, not months or years from now.

Lower Your Costs An extra advantage of this type of physician financing is that we take all of the administrative, billing and collection functions associated with lien-based receivables off your hands, making the process as easy as possible for you.

MedCare SolutionsMedCare Solutions

MedCare SolutionsNationwide Leader

Med+Care Solutions is a nationwide leader in providing this type of lien-based financing for doctors. We reimburse quality medical care for patients who have been injured as a result of a personal injury accident, including worker’s comp cases.

There’s absolutely no upfront costs or fees to the patient

MedCare SolutionsMed+Care Protection

Med+Care Solutions is a solid business with a solid reputation. Because we have been in this field for over ten years, there are few other companies in the market that have comparable institutional knowledge for funding and administering these complex medical-legal cases.

Choose wisely.

When choosing a medical lien funding provider it is important that you consider how the provider handles the entire process – especially after you’ve received your check. After all, if the provider handles the process in an unprofessional manner, it can damage your relationships with the personal injury attorneys who refer patients to you. Our high level of professionalism, coupled with the way that our superior technology enables us to provide fast approvals and communicate quickly with both your office and the law office, helps safeguard these relationships for you.