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One approval, one personal injury lien or letter of protection (LOP), and one point of contact for all questions.

MedCare SolutionsMED+CARE Solutions will…

Eliminate Collection Risks With our unique service model, your lien-based receivables are purchased without recourse. If a lien ultimately is not collectable, Med+Care Solutions assumes the entire loss. This is a rare advantage that our hospital accounts receivable financing service offers.

Accelerate Cash Flow We offer fast approvals, and funding is provided in just 15 days after we receive the bills.

Reduce Costs We’ll take all of the administrative, billing and collection functions associated with lien-based receivables off your hands.

Offer a Convenient Online Account Management System You’ll never be kept in the dark regarding where your diagnostic center accounts receivable financing cases stand. Med+Care’s online account management system tracks all of the open cases which you have submitted for funding. You’ll get 24/7access to the status of each account, including where it stands in the approval process and when your payment will be or was issued.

MedCare Solutions

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Med+Care Solutions is a solid business with a solid reputation that has been providing medical lien funding, a specialized type of diagnostic center accounts receivable financing, for nearly a decade. In fact, this type of medical A/R financing is the only service that we offer – which is why few other companies have comparable institutional knowledge for funding and administering these complex medical legal cases. We purchase personal injury
receivables, works comp receivables and other lien-based A/R on a non-recourse basis. To learn more, call us today at 1-877-309-3111.

Work with a Provider that Understands Your Needs

Med+Care Solution’s goal is to be your preferred LOP and personal injury lien funding provider. Medical lien funding is all we do, and we do it with a very high level of professionalism. In addition to providing fast approvals that help your clients get the care they need in a timely manner, we’ll also work closely with you throughout the process, providing any input that you need in a timely manner as well. Because we have handled so many cases we understand your needs, and will work hard to meet them.