Filling the Gap Between
Patient Care & Payments.

About Us

Med+Care Solutions was founded in 2003 by medical professionals to fill the gap between patient care and payment. Unlike other financing companies, our medical background gives us a better understanding of the unique needs of medical financing. We know the frustrations doctors and medical facilities feel when they have to turn away accident patients who lack the ability to pay until their case closes. We also understand how important it is to cultivate the relationships with patients’ attorneys so communication between doctors, hospitals, lawyers and patients is seamless, treatment is given immediately, and doctors and medical facilities are paid in a timely manner.

+ Minimal paperwork

+ Fast approvals

+ 15-day Funding

+ 24/7 access to account info

+ Absolutely no risk

You’re the Key to Our Success.

Brokers play a vital role in our success. You have access to the doctors and medical facilities we want to serve. You have unique relationships with the medical community and like us, understand their unique financing needs. Your job is valuable. By guiding the doctors you know to us, you’re releasing them from the burdens of collections so they can provide better patient care.

We Value the Business You Bring When you introduce us to a medical practice or facility and they bring their accounts receivables to us, you get a percentage of our profits. You’ll earn residual income on any account that comes to us from that practice for as long as they send us accounts receivables.

We Work with Professionalism and Integrity We have a solid reputation for professionalism and integrity. We need brokers with that same value who can connect us with the medical community, serving as a bridge between them and us. We understand and appreciate the relationship between you and your doctors and the doctors and their patients. Be assured that we handle each case with sensitivity to all parties involved. You can confidently recommend us to your doctors and they can confidently allow us to handle their patients’ financial accounts.

Join us Unlike other lien companies who claim they have the funds for liens but don’t, our business is strong and we’re not going anywhere. We invite you to join us and we’ll each build stronger businesses together.

MedCare SolutionsNationwide Leader

Med+Care Solutions is a nationwide leader in providing this type of lien-based financing for doctors. We reimburse quality medical care for patients who have been injured as a result of a personal injury accident, including worker’s comp cases.

There’s absolutely no upfront costs or fees to the patient