Personal Injury Brokers or Medical Receivables Brokers In Michigan

MedCare Solutions is a recognized industry leader in medical financing, and wants to work with you to provide better solutions for attorneys, plaintiffs and doctors throughout Michigan with regards to the finance of surgical procedures and medical treatments. Our broker partnership programs offer you the ability to provide your clients with receivables-based as well as LOP financing solutions, and our history of leadership and expertise in the industry promises that you can rest assured that we will treat your clients with a level of professionalism that is unmatched.

MedCare Solutions was founded more than a decade ago by medical professionals who understood that patients deserved the ability to secure treatments and surgeries previous to settlement dates, and the medical providers should not be the ones risking potential default and non-payment for services rendered. We came up with a better solution that did not involve the financing of these expensive procedures out of your client’s pockets, no matter if they are the legal representation, the doctors or the patients themselves. We provide the funding for the procedures immediately, and we assume all of the risk if the settlement is not favorable by not requiring your clients to repay even one dime if their case is lost. In addition to this service, we can also provide “Letters Of Protection” to your clients which will assure treatment providers in Michigan that we are contracted to cover the payments. They need not be concerned about receiving the money they have coming after they provide their service, and will receive their payments promptly and without inconvenience.

The process of lien-based medical finance involves our company being utilized as a third-party payment provider in order to fund the medical procedures that are needed by your Michigan clients, generally meaning that they are either representing an injured person or are being called upon to provide treatment to a person, and are needing the procedures to be paid for previous to a settlement date. If your clients are attorneys or legal teams, they are constantly facing the problem of financing their client’s treatments themselves, causing a financial strain for their firm. If your clients are medical providers, being asked to provide work without a guarantee of payment is always problematic, as daily operations need free cash to simply continue. Our promise to your clients is to be the partner they need, providing them with the payments they deserve or the financing they need in a timeframe that is fair. Our promise to you is to treat your clients like our family, and provide you with the compensation you deserve for introducing us.

If your clients are seeking receivables-based funding options on a portfolio or individual basis, we have the experience and the systems in place to make the process an easy one for everyone involved. Our service team will work with your clients directly to assure a smooth process on every transaction, and we will provide as much or as little direction throughout the process as is necessary to assure an equitable outcome for both yourself and them. As a broker, your major concern of your clients being treated with both professionalism and respect is the same as ours, and you can trust us to exceed your expectations.