Medical Financing

Medical Financing

No one should have to sacrifice their own health for their budget, but for many Americans, it’s a stark reality.  The rising cost of healthcare and the increasing number of people who find themselves without health insurance or with inadequate coverage means many people are unable to pursue the healthcare they need because of the high upfront cost.  As politicians debate the best legislative approach to the issue, a solution is needed now.

For many patients, the issue can be alleviated through the availability of fair and affordable patient financing. When the upfront cost of a medical treatment or procedure is prohibitive, medical lending programs may be a good alternative, allowing the patient to make payments over time for their care.

Why choose Medcare Solutions as your medical lending provider?

How does Medcare Solutions achieve increased approvals for patient loans that might be turned away by other lenders?  We look at a broad spectrum of data, including patient multiple credit scores and other factors.  We use this information to build a proprietary risk profile that allows to more accurately gauge a patient’s creditworthiness.

For health care providers, few situations are more frustrating than having to turn a patient away simply because they would prefer not to pay up front.  After all, a patient’s inability to pay in full does not negate his need for treatment.  By choosing Medcare Solutions as your patient lending partner, you can make a difference in the lives of many patients by giving them lending options and alternatives that make it possible to attain the care they need.

When you use Medcare Solutions to offer medical financing for your patients, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits and features, including access to Medcare Solutions renowned service and support.  We’ll work with you to implement our solutions into your practice, including integration with your billing systems, record keeping, monitoring and reporting. Our systems are designed to be easy to use and to integrate seamlessly with minimal effort on your part.