California Workers Comp Funding

The Med-Care Solutions’ California Workers Comp Funding Program

California worker’s comp funding is a program offered by Med-Care Solutions in order to take care of a common issue that exists in the state, one where injured workers are not able to get treatments within a timely fashion due to the fact that their case is delayed by the timeframes of the process.  California has one of the largest populations of workers in the United States, and because of the sheer volumes of people who are employed at any one period of time, there are extraordinary amounts of people being injured at their workplaces and filing worker’s comp claims.  The worker’s comp system is designed to alleviate the pressures on the state court system by taking cases that fall under the guidelines of “workplace injuries” and having them be handled by a specialized mediation board or specialized courts.  While this does take a large portion of the cases that would be tried in regular courts and divert them into a more specialized area, it creates delays in places like California where the worker population is so large.  While the process plays out, many times workers are not able to receive the treatments, surgeries and therapies they need due to the fact that guilt on the part of the employer has not yet been established.  California worker’s comp funding programs allow for Med-Care Solutions to pay for the necessary treatments previous to settlement, as they do in other legal situations, removing the burdens associated with potential defaults on payment from the physicians and attorneys.

While worker’s comp in California is an improvement to the past inadequacies involved in workplace injuries, where those without the ability to pay for an attorney were at the mercy of large employers who could, as well as the delays associated with the traditional court system that would be encountered by anyone attempting to bring their employer to court and sue for damages, it is still with it’s flaws due to many physicians hesitating to accept worker’s comp cases.  This is mainly due to the fact that any agreement of payment that hinges on the winning of a settlement is not a guarantee for the medical provider, putting them at risk of being left with accounts that cannot be collected upon due to an unfavorable outcome on the patient’s part.  In this circumstance, as well as in the cases where necessary treatments are being delayed due to guilt on the part of the employer being yet to be established, the California worker’s comp program from Med-Care Solutions has the ability to solve both the issues of treatments and therapies being received by the patient in a timely manner, as well as the medical provider being paid for their services in a timely manner, and without risk.

If you are an attorney in California specialized in worker’s comp cases, or you are a patient who has suffered an injury on the job and are becoming involved with the worker’s comp system, we encourage you to contact our office immediately in order to explore the options that these valuable programs can