Doctor Financing

Physician Financing

Doctors, physician and medical providers of all kinds are servants of the community, and are a necessary component for any society to maintain good health and well being.  Doctors are there to assist us in the healing process and providing necessary treatments when we are sick and injured, as well as providing us with the guidelines that help us maintain adequate health.  There is no reason that a doctor should ever have to scale back their services, or potentially close their office or clinic due to lack of cash on hand.  As important and necessary elements of the community, having specialized options to accessing working capital at all times in necessary in order to have communities keep access to the healthcare they need.

Med Care Solutions specializes in providing working capital to physicians and clinics, as well as medical professionals of all types.  Doctors who participate in our doctor’s financing programs have access to necessary working capital for any reason including practice expansion, upgrading or new purchases of medical equipment and software, and working capital to contend with cash flow problems and slow insurance payment issues.  The most positive element to the alternatives to traditional doctor financing that is offered through Med Care Solutions is the fact that the programs are not traditional loan setups involving collateral and interest payments.  Instead, Med Care Solutions structures buyouts of qualified accounts receivable and pays the doctor directly within days, in exchange for the rights to collection of the debt.

While traditional loans to doctors and healthcare providers involves a long process of application and in many cases upfront fees associated with filing the applications, as well as credit checks and inventory assessment, Med Care Solutions programs involve the underwriting of the account by a qualified specialist who will provide an answer as far as approval goes within days, if not within hours.  There are no long timeframes wondering if you are going to be approved for a loan, and instead you will know almost immediately if the account is qualified for purchase.  The payment for the account is made to your office directly, and does not involve any additional paperwork on your part aside from our easy application that can be completed with the assistance of our staff.

An advantage to a Med Care Solutions doctor financing program over a traditional physician loan is the ability to utilize the program ongoing through an arrangement that can be made to purchase qualified accounts ongoing.  What this does is create an ongoing revenue stream through the complete elimination of the collections process for your staff.  Med Care Solutions purchases the accounts receivable each month that are qualified, and your office if paid immediately, avoiding the risks associated with aging accounts and defaults that plague so many facilities.  Through participation in an ongoing program, doctors see their payments within days for patients they have treated, paid in full without the requirement of payback if the account is not collected.  Inquire about our doctor financing options today by contacting our friendly staff.