The Preferred Letter of Protection (LOP) Provider For Attorneys

As an attorney who provides services for personal injury accident victims, there is no doubt that you have seen many cases where the necessary treatments that would alleviate some of your client’s pain and suffering, or provide them with a better quality of life, are delayed due to a difficulty in finding a medical provider who will treat them without immediate payment.  The sad fact is that medical providers must protect themselves against default or delayed payments for their services, so as to keep their own cash flow secure.  Because few medical providers have unlimited amounts of cash at their disposal, the determination must be made to treat certain types of cases or to turn them away due to risk factors associated with payment.  Understanding that the client probably has little ability to pay out of pocket and that the compensation for treatment relies completely on the favorable outcome of the case that you are assisting with, the medical provider will many times decide that they cannot bear the risks that go with a loss of that case, and will therefore decide to simply turn the treatment down.  This is where a LOP comes into play, and assures the provider that it is safe to their bottom line to treat this patient because payments will be received in a timely manner from a third party, if the case has a favorable outcome or not.

Letter Of ProtectionSecuring an LOP can be a confusing and difficult process on it’s own, as the specific legal aspects are specific and must be adhered to.  A third party LOP provider like Med-Care Solutions understands the process completely, and will work with you in order to provide all of the documentation necessary in order to satisfy the requirements of the medical providers, and provide a sense of security on their part that there will be no issues ongoing.  This delicate relationship between the medical providers and ourselves, as well as with legal firms like yours, is one of the specialized aspects of the process that Med-Care Solutions rises above our competitors.  Simply providing a Letter Of Protection that your firm can utilize in order to ask for treatment for your client is a step in the right direction, however you must realize that this one legal agreement being in place does not necessarily convince a provider that they are assured payment.  Because of our longstanding reputation as leaders in our field, and years of positive experience with many providers, our firm gives you the added bonus of our reputation for providing seamless and unencumbered transactions.  Because of this added reputation bonus, we have been chosen by many firms just like yours as the preferred Letter Of Protection provider, and can assure you that we will take the same care and attention to detail with your transaction as we do with all our other customers.  The preferred LOP provider is the firm that can be called upon time and time again in order to provide the guarantee of funding, but also the firm that can bring the added security of a network or trusted partners and resources that your firm can utilize, ones that are familiar with us and are willing to treat your clients.  Contact our representatives today to inquire about our Letter Of Protection programs, and how a partnership with Med-Care Solutions can assist your law firm in the future.