Workers Comp Financing

The legal aspects of workers compensation cases are quite confusing for those who are injured at work and have become involved in the system that provides resolution to these injury issues outside of the court system.  By definition, the worker’s compensation system provides relief to our legal system by resolving on the job injury cases without having them go into the actual legal system, this being accomplished by an agreement between the worker and the employer who has maintained a special insurance policy that will pay associated expenses involving medical treatment, pain and suffering, retraining and a host of other aspects.  This insurance policy allows the employer to rest assured that they will not be sued for expenses outside of the policy by the employee if they are injured, and assures the worker that they will be able to be compensated for their injuries without an overly lengthy timeframe or legal expenses that they cannot afford.  This being said, there are still many aspects of the worker’s compensation system that involve complicated legal rules that will sometimes involve an attorney.  In cases involving legal counsel and also those that do not, the treatments associated with the injury will generally need to be paid for before the case has been brought to its conclusion, and a settlement is awarded.  These treatments either need to be paid for out of the injured worker’s pocket or through some arrangement where a third party covers the payment of the expenses.  The party who will be called upon to provide these payments is usually the attorney, the medical provider themselves, or a worker’s compensation financing organization like Med-Care Solutions.

When an injured worker becomes involved with the worker’s compensation system, the agreement between themselves and the employer is to provide relief in the form of money, medical treatment and potentially retraining which is paid for through the insurance policy of the employer.  This is why workers comp financing is such an important part of your claim. The issue regarding the procedures involved in a worker’s compensation case is that the extent of the injuries and the treatments necessary in order to make the injured worker whole again need to be performed previous to the settlement in order to provide relief to the worker’s pain as well as provide a basis for the monetary settlement itself.  These treatments will either have to be performed by the medical provider on the promise of payment once the case settles (which leads many medical providers to not accept these types of cases due to the potential default risks,) or be covered by either the worker themselves or a third party.  Many legal firms will seek out a financing partner who will provide the payments to the medical provider, and who will be able to not only guide the process but also wait until after settlement to be compensated themselves.  Med-Care Solutions specializes in this form of medical financing, and understands the delicate relationship between the worker, the legal representation and the employer, as well as the associated insurance company.  Deadlines must be met and all parties involved must complete the necessary steps in a timely manner in order for the process to move forward to resolution without delays.  While other firms offer similar medical financing options, none are versed in the process and understanding of the aspects as Med-Care Solutions.  Make Med-Care Solutions your first call when seeking worker’s compensation financing options.