Physician Financing

Let’s face it, all businesses will probably run low on available cash at some point, and be faced with difficult decisions and few options to choose from regarding where to acquire the extra money necessary to cover bills and payroll, while not at the same time putting your business in greater jeopardy by bringing on extra finance charges associated with traditional loans.  Like other businesses, the medical services provider industry also faces these same difficult times, and many of these times it is not due to a lack of patients but instead due to the lengthy timeframes that it takes to collect payments from the patients you have already treated.  Because they are involved in a legal struggle that will ultimately decide who pays for their treatments, all the parties involved want to wait until they have been legally decided against before they pay anything at all, thus leaving the medical provider themselves to wait for payment until the conclusion of the case.  Even in the circumstance of the case being decided, many times the party in need of the treatment will not be judged for, thus putting you in the precarious position of attempting to collect from someone who has little ability to actually pay you.  The answer to these types of issues is “physician financing” from Med-Care Solutions.

Physician FinancingMed-Care Solutions is the brainchild of Dr. Kamran Abdo, and is designed to provide financial options to medical providers who seek to reduce their collection risks and speed up the timeframes associated with payment.  In a typical situation, payment will be received by the treatment facility or medical provider within thirty days of filing their claim, due to the expedited process and expertise that Med-Care Solutions has earned through years of assisting physicians navigate through the complex myriad of legal requirements necessary to keep the process moving forward.  Physicians themselves do not need to worry about the collection process any more, as Med-Care Solutions physician financing programs allow for the purchase of medical accounts receivable, which pays the physician directly and within a short time frame.  Med-Care Solutions then absorbs the risks associated with collections as well as the timeframes until they are paid, assuring the physicians that they will be paid regardless of the outcome of the case, and with no requirements to pay the money back if collections cannot be completed.

While other physician financing programs involve the traditional loans against physical assets of your practice, and increase the future financial problems of the practice through additional debt in the form of interest, Med-Care Solutions physician financing programs carry no additional financial burdens.  While many physicians need to regularly assess the patient’s ability to pay as a determining factor as to whether they will treat them after an automobile accident, work related injury or other malady that has been brought on by the actions of another party, physicians who utilize an ongoing arrangement with Med-Care Solutions can accept and treat patients who would otherwise not be considered, thus opening up valuable revenue streams for their practice, ones that assist in avoiding shortages of cash on hand in the first place by providing more patients.  Med-Care Solutions has the answers that you have been seeking in your physician financing issues today, and would enjoy being considered as an ongoing financing option in the future. Our representatives are available through email, phone or online chat to discuss our programs, and we hope to hear from you soon.