Why Choose Medcare Solutions?

Finding a solution to the issue of ongoing cash-flow problems is a difficult task for medical providers, and the differences between the cash on hand and the cash that is owed to you can be frustrating and daunting.  Combine these issues with the knowledge that the growth of any medical practice involves expanding the patient base, and potentially drawing upon a patient pool that is difficult or slow to collect from due to the lengthy legal processes, and you have a situation that diverts valuable attention away from treating patients and toward collections.  Alternative forms of financing like medical injury funding programs and medical accounts receivable funding can solve physician financing issues, but the question of which company to use may be a difficult choice to make.

MedCare Solutions has been providing physician financing options to its clients since its inception in 2003.  Founded by Kamran Abdo, the CEO of Pacific Family Clinics, MedCare Solutions was founded with a unique understanding of the medical landscape and the challenges that are unique to it.  Through personal experience heading one of the largest integrated practices on the West Coast, Abdo realized that the funding solution itself is not the only problem.  In addition to securing payments in a short period of time, and additional element that was ignored by most medical financing companies was the delicate relationship between the parties involved in the transactions, the doctors, medical providers, attorneys, patients and state governments.  Keeping these relationships on good terms is necessary in order to provide ongoing revenues to the medical facility in the form of future patients, and delays or mismanagement of the process can cripple the relationships that have taken years to establish.  A keen understanding of the unique pitfalls that impede the process sets MedCare Solutions ahead of its competition, as MedCare strives to provide the best service, the most attention to detail, and the most flexibility in the industry today.  As an example of their dedication to equitable physician financing solutions for all involved, MedCare Solutions takes it upon itself to work closely with attorneys at the time of settlement, and is willing to approve a reduction if it is warranted and fair.  Most medical accounts receivable and physician financing companies will not even consider such a situation, which acts to potentially compromise not only the individual transaction but the relationship between the provider and the attorney for future business.

MedCare Solutions utilizes a unique process that combines personal attention to every case as well as software automation that keeps the process running smoothly and on-time to manage all its accounts in the most transparent and effective way possible.  This access to ongoing information by clients and the personal attention provided through MedCare Solutions, an unmatched attention to detail and process that is unheard of in the physician financing industry.  While other companies provide financing options, MedCare Solutions provides the system that can not only provide access to cash when it is needed but also grow your practice exponentially.  Contact MedCare Solutions today to inquire about physician financing options for your facility today.