Surgery Financing For Accident Patients

Surgery Financing For Accident Patients

Obtaining pre-settlement funding for accident patients who are in need of surgery is one of the most challenging aspects of the legal process.  Luckily, Med-Care Solutions is available to provide assistance with surgery financing for accident patients as well as medical treatment lawsuit loans.  If you have been injured in an accident and are in need of surgery previous to your settlement going through, ask your attorney to contact us immediately so as to explore the options that we can provide to you in order to fund your procedure.

Surgery Financing For AccidentsWhen  a patient has been injured in an accident and the liability for that accident is the negligence of another party, the first step is to contact a qualified personal injury attorney who has a track record of successful liability settlements, and the second step is for that attorney to contact a funding company like Med-Care Solutions who will assist  for the payments associated with providing the surgical treatments that are necessary during the sometimes lengthy process of getting a settlement for your injuries.  It can be very difficult for an attorney to fund the costs of their client’s procedures themselves, as the treatments can become quite expensive and difficult to manage for small firms.  Patients can rarely pay out of pocket expenses themselves previous to settlement as well, and the added stress of figuring out how to acquire loans to cover the necessary treatments adds undo complications to the injured person’s life.  A person who has no health insurance or access to personal injury protection insurance coverage will many times call upon their attorney to front the costs of their treatment, placing financial stress on the office while the case progresses.  Borrowing against a lawsuit settlement is a legal device that can provide the upfront cash necessary to provide immediate treatment for the victim.

An additional benefit to surgery financing for accident patients is that undergoing medically necessary procedures potentially increases the monetary value of the overall settlement, and results in larger payouts for the victim.  While this benefit pales in comparison to the need for treatment and surgery for the simple reason of pain relief, quality of life and sustained patient comfort, the eventual benefit of a larger settlement because the necessary procedures and surgery were completed is always a consideration.  There is no reason that a victim of an accident should need to put off a procedure or surgery until after a settlement simply because of the lack of available funding.

The types of procedures and surgeries that are commonly funded pre-settlement through arrangements of surgery financing are not limited to:

Dental procedures
Back Surgeries
Arthroscopic Surgeries
Torn Rotator Cuff Surgeries
Disc Herniation Surgeries
Neck Surgeries
Shoulder Surgeries
Rotator Cuff Tear Repairs
Ankle surgeries
Laminectomy surgeries
Reconstructive surgeries
Spinal Fusions
Interventional Pain management surgical procedures

Patients are often forced to wait until after settlements have been funded in order to receive the surgical treatments that will ultimately relieve their pain, forcing them to endure lengthy timeframes that are unnecessarily filled with stress.  As they wait for the legal process to make them whole again, they are constantly looking to their legal representation to rush the process simply because they need to receive the treatments and surgeries necessary, which places undo pressure on the firm to settle early and not take the time that is necessary to achieve the settlement amounts that are deserved by the victims.  Med-Care Solutions is available to provide the financial support necessary to make the settlement process far more comfortable for all involved.  Contact us today regarding the surgical financing necessary for your accident patient clients.

Dr. Kamran Abdo