Physician Lien Financing

Physician Lien Financing

Physicians are in the business of healing people and providing the surgeries and procedures that improve patient’s quality of life.  In a perfect world a physician would never have to worry about the collection of debt created by those he or she has provided services to.  In a perfect world a physician could concentrate on what he or she has dedicated their life to, and not worry about the bills getting paid.  Med-Care Solutions provides the capital so that physicians like yourself can consider alternative revenue streams that you might have never considered before, like “physician lien financing.”

A ‘consensual lien” is a legal tool that allows for a contractual relationship to be established between yourself and another party, that party being either a patient or a patient’s lawyer.  This contract allows you to provide your services to the patient in order for them to receive the treatments that they need immediately, with the charge being placed against a funding agent like the satisfaction of a debt or legal settlement.  All parties agree to this contractual relationship voluntarily, and the services that can be covered by such a contract include diagnostic work, treatments, surgical procedures and follow up.

Many physicians and surgical centers are hesitant to explore “physician lien financing” due to the risks associated with default on the owed debt by the patient or legal firm representing them.  Through “physician lien financing” the patient is asking the physician to absorb all of the risk associated with providing services up from without payment until a settlement is made, as well as the added financial problems associated with aging debt even if it has not resulted in default.  As the debt ages to 30 days, 60 days or beyond it not only becomes harder to collect but also has been placing financial strain on the practice over this entire period of time by having invested resources, time and personnel into the arrangement and not receiving prompt payment.  Med-Care Solutions allows for these types of  agreement  to be considered without the risks being placed upon the physician or surgical center, as we assume responsibility for payments to you within a prompt timeframe after the services have been rendered.  You can rest assured that you will be paid for the work you performed, and do not have to weigh the risks associated with accepting a patient due to a pending legal case or ability to pay.

Med-Care Solutions has set up programs geared specifically toward physicians, providers, surgical centers and lawyers so as to provide the financing necessary that will get the providers paid quickly and allow the natural progression of the case to play out.  Our physician financing programs open up new revenue streams for those who never were able to consider providing services without immediate payment through an insurance company or personal funding simply because their practice did not have the available cash to be in both the finance business and the medical profession.

The process for your practice or case to be considered by our staff in order to provide you with the necessary financing for patients is simple, and you will not need to dedicate undo resources and staff time to paperwork associated with securing the consensual lien.  Our staff takes care of the majority of the paperwork and walks you through the process so that you can concentrate on your patients.  Call Med-Care Solutions today to explore your lien financing options as a physician, surgery center or attorney.

Dr. Kamran Abdo