Surgery On Lien

Surgery On Lien

Guaranteed financing for a qualified patient who needs a medical procedure is needed by most surgery centers and medical providers, so as to both provide the necessary treatments and procedures to a patient in need as well as to reduce the inherent risk of bad debt associated with financing.  The facilitation of “medical care on lien” or surgery on lien is the specialty of Med-Care Solutions, and we look to provide the funding necessary to keep risk levels low for providers while also keeping the availability of top-quality care accessible to patients.

A surgical on lien is a legal instrument that puts liability in the repayment of a debt on certain property or funds, allowing collection to come through attachment of that property through legal action.  This contractual arrangement between parties permits charges for care to be guaranteed through attachments of those available funds, providing hospitals, surgical centers and providers the ability to give treatment, diagnostic work, follow up care and surgical procedures without the associated risks of injury related debt which includes protracted collection time (average days of 3 years) and significant reduction or no collection at the time of settlement  unsecured debt.

Surgery On LienMed-Care Solutions is available to providers as a financial partner and solution in order to open up potentially untapped revenue streams, traditionally unexplored due to the risks associated with these unsecured charges.  By working directly with healthcare providers and attorneys, we can provide guarantees of payments, thus allowing procedures that were many times refused to be accomplished and successful as the burdens associated with collection are eliminated.  Our programs are typically initiated through the referrals of physician, attorneys who are seeking financing for uninsured patients in need of care.  Our underwriting process and risk assessment will generally only take a short time frame and will provide a simple process whereby you will receive approval information previous to scheduling, followed by patient billing coordinated  directly to Med-Care Solutions.  The payments for these approved treatments will be guaranteed within a short time of completion of the necessary accounting documentation.

Surgery on Lien

The Med-Care Solutions surgery on lien programs also helps your bottom line by eliminating the time associated with billing staff dealing with attorneys and legal entities as we act directly with them if requested, freeing up your time to concentrate on the more important tasks of providing treatment.  We will act as an intermediary as much or as little as you wish, as our primary goal is to allow you to provide treatments to patients and not to deal with the complex issues associated with their case if you choose not to.  Our goal is always to allow all involved parties to concentrate on the expertise that they have, and not to complicate situations in a way that compromises care or adds risk.  We take the risk of payment default away, as well as streamlining operations and access to capital by reducing the “aging process” of debt collection and billing.

When providing treatments to patients in need of medical care and surgery, the last thing that should be involved in making the decision to move forward with necessary treatment should be the risks associated with potentially not being paid for services.  “Surgery on lien” programs through Med-Care Solutions will enhance your ability to do what you do best and save lives, improve quality of life and uncomplicated the decision process.  By simply contacting a representative today, you will be able to serve more patients, reduce your risks and provide the quality care you always wanted to.

Dr. Kamran Abdo