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In order for the patient to receive treatment swiftly and at the proper facility, it is important for medical lien funding approvals to be granted quickly. Med-Care Solutions provides fast approvals so that procedures are not delayed and patients receive care at the appropriate facility.


15 Days or Less

Our medical accounts receivable financing service purchases all your personal injury and workers comp accounts, ensuring you receive immediate reimbursement while avoiding the interest, penalties and carrying costs associated with traditional medical account receivables financing.

No PaperworkPaperwork

Little to None

After you receive the approval, we will obtain all of the LOP or Lien documents from the attorney – freeing you from the tedious job of making daily calls to the attorney’s office to try and track down the needed paperwork.

+ Medical Accounts Receivable Financing + Workers Comp Funding + Accident Patient Finance

MED+CARE Solutions is

+ Medical Accounts Receivable Financing
+ Workers Comp Funding
+ Accident Patient Finance

Health insurance is changing in a big way; if you are a provider, you are more in need of innovative physician financing solutions than ever. Fortunately, you can trust Med+Care Solutions to handle all your medical receivables funding and medical injury funding needs.

Med+Care Solutions specializes in funding medical liens so that providers, hospitals and surgery centers can treat accident victims, workers comp patients and others who unexpectedly find themselves in need of medical treatment – even if the patient is uninsured.

Receive Lien-Based, LOP, Personal Injury or Workers Comp Receivable Funding and get Reimbursed in JUST 15 DAYS!

Taking advantage of our medical account receivables financing service ensures that providers can accelerate cash flow, meet payroll, expand their services…

Medical Lien Funding

Generous Funding:

Med+Care Solutions provides medical financing for a wide range of issues:

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital Surgical and Trauma Procedures
  • Consultations and Treatment with Physician Specialists
  • MRIs
  • CT Scans
  • EMG/NCV Procedures
  • Spinal Injections
  • Pain Management
  • Implant Devices
  • Physical Therapy

Provide Whatever Care is Needed

Whether your patient is injured in an accident or involved in a workers comp case (California workers comp financing is a specialty,) you can provide whatever care is needed without worrying about receiving payment.

Patients receive care, and providers get paid.

Medical lien financing is a health care funding solution that works, especially when it is delivered by the experienced professionals of Med+Care Solutions.