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Workers Compensation

Medical Accounts Receivable FundingWorker’s Compensation is supposed to make it easier for you.  The process of getting a settlement in order to compensate you for injuries you sustained on the job is not supposed to be made more difficult if you do not have a lot of money, and your ability to get a fair hearing shouldn’t be decided by how big and powerful the company you work for is.  Worker’s Compensation was designed to give you a fair shake at receiving compensation when you are hurt, so why is it that you are still finding it difficult to find a doctor who will provide you treatments even though the system is designed to work for you, and not against you? It all comes down to money, and who will get stuck with the bills if your case is not decided in your favor.  The doctor’s and medical providers do not want to take the risk, the attorneys do not want to pay out of their bank accounts, and you probably cannot afford it on your own.  Medcare Solutions is the friend of the injured worker, providing the funding to get you the treatments you need today, instead of months down the line.

Through the Worker’s Compensation Financing Program offered by Medcare Solutions, injured workers can receive the treatments they need at the specialists they seek, because we pay the doctors so you don’t have to.  While your case is going through the system, you can gain the treatments you need without the doctors worrying about being paid.  As a matter of fact, we probably pay the doctors faster than an insurance company would! Attorneys can find specialists who are willing to treat their clients today because they know we will take the risks, and if your attorney cannot find a specialist willing to treat you then we will! Best of all, there is no cost to you, your attorney or your doctor.  Don’t suffer any more because you were injured on the job, contact us now.