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  • No upfront cost to the patient
  • Little to no paperwork
  • Fast approvals
  • 15-day funding
  • 24/7 access to account information
  • Absolutely no risk

This financing makes it easy for your surgery center to expand your market and accept patients who are victims of personal injury cases, knowing you won’t have to wait 2 to 3 years for reimbursement of lien-based A/R. Your lien-based receivables are purchased without recourse. If a lien ultimately is not collectable, Med-Care Solutions assumes the entire loss.

Financing is Available for Implants, Too

Surgery financing servicesIt’s a fact that surgery centers carry a lot of costs on their implant charges. Unfortunately, healthcare laws require that pricing must be the same across the board for all payors. The traditional “cost plus 5 or 10%” price structure works well enough when an insurance company is paying the bill, as insurance companies generally pay in 30 days. But the “cost plus” model falls apart in personal injury cases, where payment can take years to receive. Med-Care Solutions’ medical lien funding resolves this problem, by providing non-recourse funding in just 15 days.

Advantages of Working with Med-Care Solutions

Not all medical lien surgery financing companies are the same, and many surgery centers fail to realize that there’s a lot more to funding medical liens than just providing the funds. With Med-Care Solutions you get a provider that is:

  • Experienced – Medical lien funding is all we do. With close to 10 years in the industry, we have more institutional knowledge about funding and administering complex medical-legal cases than any other provider.
  • Professional – We understand the sensitive nature of the relationships that exist between your surgery center and the treating physicians and referring attorneys, and the difference that professionalism in the funding process makes. Plus, our superior technology helps us to safeguard these important relationships for you by providing fast approvals, staying in close communication with all parties involved, and making it seamless for your scheduling department to coordinate with the physicians’ offices.
  • Convenient – This is the ultimate turnkey solution for your ASC and patients. Victims of personal injury accidents can get the care they need, while your surgery center can get the surgery and implant financing it needs. You’ll eliminate collection risks, accelerate cash flow, reduce costs, and have the opportunity to expand your services by accepting patients that you may have otherwise refused.

Learn More

Surgical centers across the country count on Med-Care Solutions’ long years of expertise when it comes to providing medical lien surgery financing and implants financing. To learn more, give us a call at 1-877-309-3111.