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Physician Financing for LOP Patients

Get Paid in 15 Days for PI Liens – Even if the Patient is Uninsured!

As a physician, you may be hesitant to accept personal injury (PI) patients who come to you with a letter of protection (LOP), also known as a medical lien. Often, getting reimbursed for treatment provided on lien-based accounts may seem impossible.

Because most personal injury cases involve auto accidents or workers comp claims, they tend to circulate through the court system for months, even years – and physicians are the ones who lose the most. If you can relate to this scenario, you need a physician financing solution that can help you circumvent it. That is where Med-Care Solutions comes in.

We Purchase Medical Liens!

Med-Care Solutions purchases lien- and LOP-based accounts receivables, so that providers can get reimbursed for treating personal injury patients in a matter of weeks, not years. Here are some reasons why this physician financing solution just makes sense:

It helps you avoid the risks of collections. Rather than risking a greater loss by hiring a collection agency, you can sell your medical liens and allow us to absorb all the risk. If a lien we purchase from you is ultimately not collectable, we assume the entire loss. You have nothing to worry about.

It helps you meet your obligations. While you wait for reimbursement on all your PI liens, your employees still need to get paid. Med-Care Solutions pays you for your medical liens within 15 days, so you can make payroll, meet your expenses and “keep the lights on” in your facility.

It helps you expand your practice. With this physician financing solution, you can accept more patients, including personal injury victims, workers comp cases and the uninsured. Because you know you will obtain a fast approval from us for each case, your office can assure these new patients that they will be treated quickly.

As part of our comprehensive services, Med-Care Solutions can even help you find nearby hospitals and surgery centers that will accept your medical lien patients. Your patients benefit from uninterrupted care with no upfront costs, and all the providers get paid in a timely manner. We even communicate with any attorneys involved, so that the complexities of these medical-legal cases are not your problem. This is physician financing you can trust.

Get Started Today!

Med-Care Solutions can handle your LOP and PI lien cases, solving your collection problems and making your practice more profitable. To learn more about our outstanding physician financing service, contact Med-Care Solutions at (877) 909-3111. We also welcome you to fill out our contact form; a knowledgeable representative will reply shortly.