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You Get Car Accident Treatment Now, We Get Reimbursed Later

Car accident treatment fundingMed-Care Solutions provides a type of personal injury treatment funding called medical lien funding. What this means is that we pay for your care now (at absolutely no upfront cost to you or your attorney), and then we get reimbursed later when your legal case settles. As experts in this field, we provide funding for physicians and healthcare facilities that provide car accident treatment to people like you. Through this program healthcare providers receive immediate reimbursement for services that they provide to you… so you can get the treatment you need now, even if you don’t have medical insurance to pay the bills.

What are the Benefits of this Type of Financing?

Medical liens are designed to help accident victims obtain the medical treatment they need. Med-Care Solutions’ funding program offers you:

  • Prompt Authorization – We won’t keep you waiting while we evaluate your case. You’ll find out quickly if Med-Care Solutions can authorize funding for your car accident treatment.
  • Simple Process – One approval, one medical lien (as compared to separate liens for each doctor or procedure, as you might find with other funding companies), and one point of contact for all questions. There are no confusing agents that you need to consult for your questions on your case.
  • Assistance in Obtaining Treatment – We’ll help you find quality providers in your area that will accept the medical lien. We have a list of quality physicians and facilities in your area that are willing to accept this type of funding for your case. You simply interview and select one you wish to see.
  • No upfront Fees – You will not be charged any deposits, upfront costs or fees.

What Kind of Medical Treatment is Covered?

Med-Care Solutions’ personal injury and car accident treatment funding solution can help with all of your medical treatment. For example, do you need to see a physician who specializes in treating accident victims, such as a knee injury doctor or shoulder injury specialist? Have you been to a doctor who recommended diagnostic procedures, such as an MRI? Are you in pain and in need of pain management? Did you injure your back or are you having problems with your neck? All of this – and more – is available through this medical lien funding program.

Is this Type of Funding Only for Victims of Car Accidents?

No. Med-Care Solutions’ medical lien funding is available for a wide range of personal injury situations, including:

  • Car/motorcycle/boat/train/truck/plane accident treatment
  • Workplace accident treatment
  • Slip and fall accident treatment
  • Defective/faulty product accident treatment

Get Started Today

Med-Care Solutions is a solid and growing business with a solid reputation that has been providing medical lien funding since 2003. Few other companies have comparable institutional knowledge for medical financing, administering complex medical-legal cases and offering medical procedure loans. To learn more, call Med-Care Solutions at 1-877-309-3111.