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Medical Receivables Solutions

Medical Receivables Solutions

Medical Receivables SolutionsMedcare Solutions is motivated to quickly convert receivables to cash. With customized programs and reporting designed to meet your goals, we effectively maximize recovery, improve quality, productivity, and increase profitability. Medcare Solutions¬†offers a full range of medical coding, billing and third party claims follow-up services tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Business professionals should handle the business

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are focused on patient care and often should not train or hire an office manager to handle accounting duties, verify insurance coverage, schedule appointments and deal with other business-related issues which can result in more efficient collection of accounts with fewer errors. Practices that feel they cannot afford an office manager should consider outsourcing accounts receivable to a company which specializes in medical billing.

Managing Medical Accounts Receivables

Practices that opt to handle accounts receivable in-house should have a clear and precise plan to prevent errors in insurance billing and to collect co-payments and deductibles from patients. Practices which are in a PPO or HMO usually request payment of the patient’s obligation under the plan at the time of service. Verifying insurance prior to service informs practices of any obligation the patient has for payment so arrangements can be made before the patient is seen.
Outsourcing medical accounts receivable to professionals or hiring a trained office manager to handle accounts receivable are part of the medical accounts receivable solution. Establishing an accounts receivable management plan is the best way to keep a medical practice healthy and viable.

Medical Receivables Outsourcing

Outsourcing is not expensive when you consider the cost of uncollected accounts. Medical accounts receivables are considered a business asset, but since they are not liquid assets they cannot be used to meet daily expenses. Hiring a professional as a medical accounts receivable solution results in quicker payments and more available cash to meet the expenses of the business. Generally, outsourcing saves money by collecting more debts and making collections faster.

Medical Receivables Solutions

Medcare Solutions can be a great resource & invaluable asset to your company and obtaining a positive cash flow.