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Medical Receivables Solutions

Medical Receivables Solutions

Unlike traditional bank loans, our medical receivables solutions offer legitimate alternatives to your cash flow with no personal guarantees. Traditional banks often require massive amounts of paperwork, make you jump through hoops to apply, require personal guarantees, and can take weeks or even months to approve you. We making funding fast and simple. You can be approved in 24 hours and receive funding in days. We offer great rates and require no fees or obligations to apply. Included with your funding, we provide value added services beyond the capital you receive by reducing your staff burden of managing accounts receivable and allowing you and your team to focus your resources on growing your business.

Medical Receivables SolutionsHealthcare organizations operate in a challenging financial environment. To stay competitive, you need to invest in processes and technology that enable you to create scalable operational efficiencies, while protecting the privacy of the information you are managing. The most common source of cash flow problems for small medical offices is slow payments from insurance companies. Most doctors don’t plan for this problem when they begin their medical practices. Insurance companies can take 35 – 120 days to pay claims. Because of slow payments, your office must have enough cash in the bank to cover expenses while it waits for payments. Few small or growing medical practices have the resources to handle this payment delay. Consequently, many practices experience financial problems and many small medical offices fail.

Furthermore, these problems usually affect a medical practice when it’s growing quickly and doctors least expect it. Expenses get ahead of revenues and, soon after, the practice is in a financial tailspin. Most doctors try to fix these problems using a business loan. Doctors have many options since a number of companies provide doctor loans on competitive terms. However, a doctor loan is not always the best choice – at least, not for this type of cash flow problem. A line of credit works better, but that solution has limitations as well.

Medcare Solutions has an option for you. No interest rates, no loans, no long term payments. We can help you turn your medical receivables into positive cash today!

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