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Medical Lien Financing

Medical Lien Financing

Medcare Solutions can quickly monetize accounts receivable liens with medical lien financing.  We quickly improve your company’s working capital, cash flow and balance sheet while eliminating collection risk.

A medical lien is a simple and effective way to ensure that doctors, hospitals, therapists and any other healthcare provider who provides medical care and treatment, gets paid for their services. “Personal Injury” or “Medical Liens” are legal encumbrances upon property to secure the payment of a debt or obligation. A healthcare provider’s right to file a lien to ensure payment is usually created by statue, but can also be voluntarily given as a promise to pay for ongoing or future medical care and treatment. Medcare Solutions offers medical lien financing as way to turn your aging account receivables into positive cash flow.

Medical Lien FinancingIf you are a medical service provider with existing and, as of yet, unpaid medical liens, Medcare Solutuions will buy out your future liens or unpaid medical liens in exchange for a cash now. Even generally lucrative businesses such as medical service providers occasionally need to balance out cash flow, and discharging medical liens in such a way is an efficient way to do so. A medical expense advance is an excellent way to treat patients without having to take undue financial risk.

We understand that most medical professionals would ideally like to treat all of their patients out of a sense of human duty. We also understand that treatment does not come for free. The ability to sell off your unpaid medical liens allows doctors to treat patients with pending lawsuits, while also getting paid for said medical treatment. It is because Medcare Solutions takes on all of the risk in buying a lien that the payment that we provide for it is somewhat lower than the original amount. That being said, there is a guarentee of payment, along with much less wait for said payment.