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LOP Lien Funding

LOP FundingA “Letter Of Protection” (LOP) is a guarantee from Medcare Solutions  that we will pay your medical bills for you right now when you seek treatment for injuries you sustained as a result of someone else’s carelessness.  If you were injured in a car accident or sustained an injury at work, everyone is trying their best to not be held responsible and not pay your medical bills.  The only way that they are going to pay for the treatments you need just to restore yourself to normal is by being forced to pay in the settlement, and that could take months or even years.  The doctors who provide the treatments do not want to take your case because they are afraid of not getting paid, and the attorneys who represent you do not want to risk their own money paying the doctors.  You are left with either paying for the treatments yourself of toughing it out until a settlement happens.

There is no reason to suffer with pain until your court case is finally settled.  Get an LOP from Medcare Solutions today and you can be receiving those medical treatments that will restore your life tomorrow.  Contact your attorney or Medcare Solutions directly, and ask about these unique options.