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A Letter Of Protection For Accident Patients

A Letter Of Protection For Accident Patients

In the legal world, a “Letter Of Protection” is an important device that enables physicians and medical providers to feel confident that they will receive compensation for the services that they provide to the associated patient.  This letter is a guarantee from an entity, either a third-party or the legal firm themselves, stating that they are assuming the responsibility to pay for the treatments that the named patient needs, and that these payments are not contingent on a case being settled in the favor of the patient.  The entity named in the “letter of protection” states that they will cover specific treatments and therapies that the patient needs as far as payment is associated, and that there is no risk to the medical provider that the bills will go unpaid if the case does not settle favorably.

A “letter of protection” is crucial in many cases involving personal injury, worker’s comp and automobile accidents due to the fact that many physicians will hesitate in treating these types of cases due to the risks associated with collections that they have encountered in the past.  When a patient needs treatments as a result of these types of injuries, in many cases they have demonstrated no ability to cover the costs of treatment themselves, and are reliant upon the settlement to cover the costs.  It is obvious that many medical providers would hesitate in providing treatments to these types of patients due to the fact that they are being asked to absorb all of the risks of potential default, and would have almost no realistic recourse if the patient defaulted if the case was not decided in their favor.  No medical professional should be asked to absorb these types of risks, as the bills that could be accumulated potentially could be devastating to the facility if they went unpaid.

Letter Of ProtectionWhen an accident patient retains the services of a legal firm to represent them in their case against either another party or their insurance company, one of the most beneficial services that is coordinated is the treatments that are necessary, for both the comfort of the patient themselves as well as the settlement amounts that will be decided in the case.  The patient themselves needs to have their pain and suffering alleviated as soon as possible, and should not be made to wait lengthy periods of time in pain or in potentially risky medical states while the legal process plays out.  Additionally, the settlement amount itself is partially dictated using the medical bills of the case as a guide.  Therefore, it is important to gain the best treatments possible for the patient without consideration of cost up front in order to secure an equitable settlement.  These bills need to be guaranteed by an entity that demonstrates the ability to pay in the case of a judgment not being in the patient’s favor, and assuring the physician that they will be paid either way.   The “letter of protection” is the most secure method of illustrating that it is safe and without risk for a provider to treat this patient, and they can proceed with providing the necessary therapies and treatments without concern.

If you are a patient who has been injured as a result of the negligence of another party, or you are a legal firm representing a patient of this type, feel free to contact Med-Care Solutions directly through our website in order to arrange the “letter of protection” that will make the process of securing treatment far easier.  The representatives of Med-Care Solutions are well versed in the legal aspects of “letters of protection” and can guide the process toward securing the treatments you need today.