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Tired of Waiting for Payment on Your Medical Liens?

With this Hospital Accounts Receivable Financing You’ll Be Reimbursed in Just 15 Days – with NO Risk!

Can your hospital afford to wait years for reimbursement of lien-based accounts receivable funds? Do you really want to increase your Average Days Out and shoulder the overhead, while taking significant reductions or hoping that a court case will be decided in your favor? Few hospitals can afford to go this route – and that’s why so many are apprehensive of accepting patients on a Personal Injury Lien or Letter of Protection (LOP) basis. But with quality hospital accounts receivable financing from Med-Care Solutions, your hospital can accept these patients and get reimbursed quickly.

Hospital Accounts Receivable Financing that Improves Your Bottom Line

If you want to avoid waiting years to receive payment on your medical liens, there is a solution: medical lien funding from Med-Care Solutions. It’s the ultimate, comprehensive turnkey hospital accounts receivable financing solution for your hospital and patients. Med-Care Solutions specializes in buying personal injury liens and providing quick approval and funding of these lien-based receivables, including implant liens. Victims of personal injury accidents can get the care they need, and your hospital gets quick payment for the personal injury lien. Everybody wins.

With Med-Care, your hospital can…

  • Increase Your Market Share – In an environment where an increasing number of patients are uninsured and Medicare is making cutbacks, you need a competitive edge. Med-Care’s hospital accounts receivable financing enables you to accept patients that you may have otherwise refused, and attract surgeons that may not have used your facilities in the past.
  • Eliminate Collection Risks – With our unique service model, your lien-based receivables are purchased without recourse. If a lien ultimately is not collectable, Med-Care Solutions assumes the entire loss. This is a rare advantage that our hospital accounts receivable financing service offers.
  • Accelerate Cash Flow – Your personal injury lien/LOP and worker’s comp receivables are funded just 15 days after we receive the bills. No need to wait for a case to close!
  • Reduce Costs – We’ll take all of the administrative, billing and collection functions associated with these receivables off your hands. This is hospital accounts receivable financing that helps your facility save time and money.

Work with a Provider that Looks Out for Your Best Interests

If you’re looking for a hospital accounts receivable financing company to provide medical lien funding for your facility, be aware that not all providers provide the same level of professional service that we do. Med-Care Solutions watches out for your best interests by:

    • Safeguarding Your Referrals Pipeline – If a provider handles the funding process poorly or unprofessionally, they can sour the relationship between your hospital and the treating physicians or referring attorneys. Next time there are patients who require medical lien funding, they may consider performing the procedure elsewhere.

Med-Care specializes exclusively in funding medical accounts receivable and providing hospital accounts receivable financing. We have a thorough understanding of all aspects of this field, and superior technology that helps makes things seamless for your scheduling department to coordinate with the physicians’ offices.

    • Providing Fast Approvals – The personal injury and workers’ comp cases for which you may seek medical lien funding are often urgent in nature. Patients are injured, and they need timely access to appropriate medical care. When a funding company drags their feet on the approval process, it risks delaying needed procedures for these patients.

Med-Care Solutions understands that when it comes to getting approval for an emergency procedure, time is of the essence. We are especially sensitive to STAT cases; we provide approvals for STAT cases within hours, ensuring that needed procedures are not delayed and treating physicians and referring attorneys do not find it necessary to take their PI patients to a different facility. Your facility can retain STAT patients far more often because of our fast, reliable hospital accounts receivable financing.

  • Communicating with You – After you submit an account for funding, you need easy access to information about where the case stands. We understand that your staff is likely to be receiving calls from the attorney, physician and/or patient. They need fast access to answers! That’s why Med-Care Solutions provides a convenient online customer service program. All you need to do is login to receive 24/7 access to status information for each case. It’s another benefit that’s available exclusively to our valued hospital accounts receivable financing clients.

Get Started Today

Hospital accounts receivable serviceMed-Care Solutions has been providing medical lien funding since 2003, and has an excellent reputation throughout the health care industry. Our hospital accounts receivable financing program is easy to initiate and delivers immediate, bottom-line results. To learn more, call us today at 1-877-309-3111.