Medical Lien Management

Medical Lien Management

A medical lien is a document that secures payment for healthcare services. It is used in personal injury cases, when the medical bills are expected to be paid by third party insurance (i.e. the insurance policy carried by the person or organization that is responsible for the injury). A medical lien is paid for by money that is recovered when the patient’s legal case is settled, which can take anywhere from several months to several years.

Medcare Solutions offers risk free medical lien management that enables healthcare providers to expand into the growing market of uninsured patients who have PI lawsuits. By working with us, physicians and healthcare facilities can accept, or even seek out patients that they may have otherwise denied or avoided. By accepting these personal injury patients, healthcare facilities may also attract physicians that may not have worked with the facility before. In addition to bringing their PI patients, these physicians may then choose to bring other patients as well.

Medical Lien ManagementMedical liens allow health care providers to treat the uninsured with the expectation of getting paid from the proceeds of a case  upon settlement or judgment.   This is why medical lien management is so important. Providers may have to wait years for payment, or refer the lien to a collection agency, eventually obtaining only a portion of the lien’s face value. Selling LOPs (Letter of Protection) ensures timely and guaranteed payment and reduces collection costs and office overhead.

Many providers don’t accept medical lien patients because they lack the expertise to evaluate the  patients’ underlying case or are unfamiliar with the process.  Our qualified team of medical experts can assist you.  After a careful case evaluation,  we can purchase the lien at a pre-negotiated contacted rate and manage the entire process including all the paperwork.  You can focus on healing people and growing your business.

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