Surgery On Lien In Legal Situations

Surgery on lien is a crucial aspect of many legal proceedings in the current United States court system.  This is due to the fact that many cases that involve injuries or the need for surgeries and therapies as the result of an accident have a large portion of the settlement amounts based upon percentages of the medical bills.  One aspect of the legal system that is misunderstood by many people who are unfamiliar with the process is that it is quite difficult to sue for an amount which is not established.  What this means is that if you are hurt in an accident or a car wreck, your attorney is going to sue the at-fault party for a specific amount of money which will cover your expenses and factor in associated costs like pain and suffering.  This number must be able to be considered as reasonable by the court in order to have a judgment rendered in your favor.  This number is generally derived by counting the total costs of the medical treatments that you have received, then adding on additional money for the suffering you have gone through as well as any permanent aspects to the injury that cannot be fixed through medicine.  The money that is considered as additional compensation is almost always based upon the total bills of the medical treatments, which means that those bills must be firmly established as a specific number previous to the settlement.  Unless the attorney is able to find a doctor, therapist, specialist or surgeon who is willing to perform their work on the promise of being paid (which few are going to) then your attorney is going to need to make an arrangement that will pay the medical providers.  The attorney is going to have to cover your bills themselves, or they are going to need to enter into an agreement with a third-party like Med-Care Solutions who will fund the process, known as “surgery on lien.”

Surgery On LienSurgery on lien involves a medical financing agency to enter into an agreement with an attorney or a individual which will compensate the medical providers at the time they perform their services.  In exchange for this firm taking on the risks of the case not being settled in your favor, they require a legal arrangement which will provide adequate compensation if the case is settled successfully.  The inherent risks of this type of process are minimized by the financing firm being very familiar with the process and the legal specifics of medical financing.  Careful analysis of the case itself is necessary, as well as partnerships with specialists and surgeons who are willing to work under this type of arrangement.  Through years of successfully providing this type of medical financing, Med-Care Solutions is familiar with the process enough to assist in the specifics along the way, as well as recommending specialists whom are willing to work in these situations.  This type of experience is invaluable to the process, and can save valuable hours of time that would be spent sourcing medical specialists on the part of the attorney or their staff.  Contact Med-Care Solutions today to arrange a surgery on lien, or inquire about our programs which can provide options to attorneys and individuals alike.