What is surgery on lien?

Surgery On Lien

Surgery centers and medical providers alike will almost always need some form of guaranteed financing for qualified patients in need of surgical procedures.  These necessities come from the need to reduce the exposure to bad debt for the surgical center, especially in the cases of expensive procedures.  This area of “surgery on lien” which is also sometimes known as “medical care on lien” or “medical lien financing” is the specialty of Med-Care Solutions.  The goal of the surgical financing programs offered is to reduce the risk levels associated with default and non-payment by patients receiving surgeries, as well as keep the access to top-quality care available to those who need it.

“Surgical liens” are essentially legal contracts that assures payment of debts by assigning that debt to certain property or funds, and allowing of collections to happen through those funds if necessary.  Hospitals and surgery centers have the ability to provide diagnostic work, surgical procedures, treatments and follow up care under these types of arrangements without concern for repayment or concern for average collection times, which can extend as long as three years.  This arrangement assures payment through legal proceedings that utilize the attachment of funds or items, but has procedural aspects that are quite complex and difficult to navigate by a typical collections department.

Surgery On LienMed-Care Solutions is one of only a few companies available to medical providers as a financial partner which allows for consideration of these types of “high risk” patients, and therefore opens up previously untapped revenue streams.  The staff of Med-Care Solutions has a long history of experience working with both attorneys and healthcare providers to provide the equitable payment disbursements that are sought after by all involved parties, removing the risks from all partners and guiding the process as much as necessary so as to move legal proceedings toward their best conclusion in the fastest way possible.  Due to the long history of successful partnerships, Med-Care Solutions finds that the majority of programs are initiated through legal firms representing patients or from physician referrals for patients in need.  Putting the correct partners together in order to effectively utilize resources who are familiar with the process and open to participation creates potentially untapped revenue streams for all partners.

Med-Care Solutions acts as an intermediary in the “surgery on lien” process as much or as little as is necessary so as to eliminate the need for collections staff to “babysit” accounts, or potentially make mistakes due to inexperience with the process.  Staff are able to concentrate on their primary task at hand of providing medical procedures, instead of wasting valuable time acting as collections departments. Through our streamlined process, we can also significantly reduce the risks associated with “aging debt” that plagues so many facilities.  Our “surgical lien” programs allow facilities like yours to concentrate on the surgeries that save lives and grant a better quality of life to patients in need.  You do not need to absorb the risks to your business, we take care of that for you.