Surgery On Lien For Medical Practice Expansion

One of the most commonly overlooked sources of potential new revenue for medical providers is “lien-based treatment” or “surgery on lien.”  A “lien” is a legal instrument that puts financial responsibility of covering a debt on attached property or funds, and through the acceptance of “lien-based” patients, a medical facility has the ability to expand it’s patient base to new levels.  Most medical facilities will shy away from providing surgery on lien due to the inherent risks associated with non-collection of payment, but through involvement in the programs offered by Med-Care Solutions, medical providers can rest assured that there will be no losses due to inability to collect or associated delays due to the fact that Med-Care Solutions purchases your qualified medical liens outright, and without consequences or need for payback if they are not collected upon.

What is a “consensual lien?”

A contract between mutual parties of consent which provides for charges associated with a treatment or surgery to be placed against available funds or property.  All involved parties in this type of relationship agree to the lien in advance of the procedure.  The typical types of procedures that are preformed under this type of medical lien are diagnostic workup, treatments, surgical procedures and follow up care.  Surgeries on lien are agreed to by all parties involved, including the patient and patient’s attorney.

Is it difficult for medical providers to accept “surgery on lien” patients?

Surgery On LienThe processes involved in accepting “surgery on lien” patients is confusing and must be handled by personnel who have expertise in the field, so as to minimize the associated risks involved with this type of patient as well as maintaining a good working relationship with the other parties involved.  With Med-Care Solutions as your financial partner, you can rest assured that we are experts in the process and understand the elements that must be delicately handled so as to provide a positive experience for all parties.

Is there a lot of paperwork or billing aspects that are difficult to understand?

No, with a partnership involving Med-Care Solutions all of the associated paperwork and billing aspects are handled by our expert staff.  The risks associated with the aging of accounts over time are eliminated through our programs, which provide payments on the accounts within a short and reasonable timeframe and without ramifications or penalties if the debts are not collected.  Our experts even act as liaisons between your staff and the attorneys and legal teams that are involved in most cases.  Our number one goal is to provide a situation where treatment is provided to patients in need and equitable outcomes provide compensation to the providers as well as other parties.

How does this process work?

A physician or patient attorney initiates the transaction through our processing system, at which point our team assesses the risk factors and provides quick underwriting, most times within a few days.  Treatments are scheduled and billing happens through Med-Care Solutions.  Your facility is compensated for surgeries and treatments that have been approved within a short timeframe, and without default risk.

Med-Care Solutions is one of the leaders in the field of medical financing and surgery on lien programs, and has been providing funding options to patients, providers and legal teams for more than ten years.  Our long record of successes and attention to detail make us the go-to for many of the top facilities in the country, and we look forward to discussing the options that can benefit your practice today.  Contact our stff through our website or by phone.