Physician Lien Financing Programs

Physicians face a lot of risks associated with the practice of medicine, one of the greatest being the inability to collect the fees that are due to them in a prompt manner.  While patients expect physicians to provide treatment simply because it is necessary, they many times will fail to see that if payments for their treatment are not provided, your facility cannot pay it’s own bills.  Medical facilities operate like most businesses, and pay their own bills by having money on hand when it is necessary.  This money comes from patients paying their bills that are owed to you.  However when the legal system is involved, and a patient is injured by another party, the payments that are expected are not covered by the injured party or their insurance company in many cases.  The at-fault party denies that they are responsible, delaying the payments until they are forced to make them through the legal system.  This puts the physician in the difficult situation of being expected to provide treatment right away, but wait for an unspecified period of time to be paid for that treatment, if at all.  These types of risks put undo pressure on medical facilities and physicians, and force them to have to consider the patient’s “risk level” before providing treatment.

Physician lien financing programs through Med-Care Solutions allow medical caregivers to accept patients that they might have once considered too risky, or too slow to pay due to the complicated legal system and the issues surrounding “at fault” cases.  Through these types of programs, Med-Care Solutions assumes all of the risks associated with these types of patients by purchasing the accounts receivable and LOP patients that are on your books.  Prompt payment for the debt is paid to you within fifteen days, providing you with the cash that is necessary to cover your own expenses, as well as allowing you to consider taking on more patients of this kind because you have guaranteed income through us that has no associated risk.  If the patient fails to pay, the case does not end in a positive settlement, or the legal proceedings drag on for a timeframe that would normally cause enormous issues, you still receive your payments and can keep operations going without delays or interruptions.

When Med-Care Solutions enters into an agreement with you to provide you with physician lien financing, you will no longer need to deal with the complicated issues of making sure that the lien agreements are legally binding and everything is correct.  Our staff will take on the responsibilities associated with all of the legal aspects, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, providing medical care to patients who need it.  While providing care to patients associated with risks that you would normally not take, you will benefit from the additional “risk free” revenue and payment schedule that is more conducive to business functioning, payroll, bills and associated costs.  We take on the risk so that you don’t have to, contact us today about our physician lien financing programs.

Kamran Abdo