Lien Financing For Physicians

Lien Financing For Physicians

One of the common risks that physicians just like yourself face every day is the potential for non-payment or lengthy settlement timeframes associated with personal injury patients and patients with a LOP, or “letter of protection” from legal representation.  The risks are so great that many physicians will actually refuse to treat LOP patients and those involved in personal injury cases unless they can pay out of pocket for the treatments, as the insurance companies involved will generally make collections very difficult as they wait for settlement before paying.  All the while, you are expected to continue to pay the expenses associated with running your practice including payroll, equipment and supply costs, rent and utilities.  The pressures associated with fronting the costs of providing services and treatments and then waiting for months or even years for payment can prove to be overwhelming.

Med-Care Solutions has developed programs specifically for you, where you can receive payments for the services you have provided within fifteen days.  This is accomplished by us purchasing your LOP and medical liens, and assuming all of the risks that go along with the collection process.  Even if the patient never pays, you are no longer responsible and will have already received your money in a timely fashion.  With our physician financing options of lien purchase, you are able to continue operations without interruptions and headaches involved with collecting.

In addition to the obvious benefits of un-interrupted cash flow comes the ability for you to explore new revenue streams associated with patients you once hesitated to accept.  Your patient load will increase significantly with the ability to treat PI patients due to the face that they make up one of the largest pools of patients seeking treatment today.  Studies show that the majority of people sustaining injuries that need treatment are coming through cases that involve the negligence of another party, or a car accident caused by someone else.  Without the ability to feel confident accepting this huge pool of potential patients, you are left to choose only from those with insurance or the ability to pay themselves.  Med-Care Solutions will even provide you with a list of contracted  surgery centers and hospitals in your local area who are also willing to accept your lien patients.  The benefits of these new revenue streams can be the make or break when it comes time to pay your bills, and prompt payment from patients who once had to be viewed as high risk can help you grow your clinic into a powerhouse.

Med-Care Solutions physician financing programs are without risk to you, like other programs offered by other financing companies which involve loans to you against your accounts receivable or other arrangements that require you to pay the loan back even if you do not collect.  Our programs are a complete purchase of the billings associated with all types of patients, from the most simple personal injury case backed by a LOP to the most complex legal battles that could take years to finalize.  We are the lien financing for physicians solution you have been seeking, and the bridge that your clinic has been looking for.  We are your physician financing solution.

Dr. Kamran Abdo