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Risk-Free Medical Accounts Receivable Financing

Fund Your Lien-Based, LOP, Personal Injury and Worker’s Comp Receivables with a Single, Non-Recourse Payment – IN JUST 15 DAYS!

Medical Lien Funding with No Risk, No Hassle & No Up-Front Cost to the Patient

Medical accounts receivable financing companyFor close to a decade, Medcare Solutions has brought integrity and dependability to medical receivables funding and medical injury funding. By funding medical liens, Med-Care Solutions provides medical professionals, health care providers, hospitals, trauma centers and surgery centers with an ideal health care financing solution for helping accident victims obtain treatment. Our medical accounts receivable financing and medical lien funding option is an easy way to accelerate cash flow, make sure employees get paid and expand your services. With medical receivables funding from Medcare Solutions, you can open up new markets by providing care to the growing segment of uninsured patients – and get reimbursed in just 15 days.

Medcare Solutions provides immediate health care financing by purchasing your PI and Worker’s Comp accounts receivables without recourse. There’s no need to for you to wait years for reimbursement of your LOP and lien-based A/R (assuming you eventually get reimbursed at all). By receiving funding on your medical accounts receivables, you will avoid all of the interest and carrying costs associated with “traditional” medical accounts receivable financing. If a purchased lien ultimately is not collectable, it’s simply not your problem. That’s the advantage Medcare Solutions offers to providers in need of medical lien funding.

Work with an Experienced Medical Receivables Funding Provider

When it comes to this type of financing, the funding itself is not the only issue that matters. What is equally important is how your health care financing company handles the transaction during and after the account funding period. Why? Because the company that acts as your medical receivables funding provider must be sensitive to the relationship that exists between your practice and the referring attorney, or between your facility and the physician that provided the medical care. If health care financing and medical lien funding processes aren’t handled professionally, it can negatively impact your business.

Med-Care Solutions helps foster the relationships that exist between physicians, attorneys and health care facilities with medical accounts receivable financing services that respect everyone’s role in the process. We are very sensitive to the nature of these relationships, and take steps to help make them stronger.

Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Medical Accounts Receivable Financing

Med-Care has been focused exclusively on the medical receivables funding field for over 10 years, and has a solid reputation throughout the industry. Medical lien funding is all we do. Very few companies have comparable institutional knowledge for this type of health care financing and administering complex medical-legal cases.

Our approach to medical receivables funding is to create a partnership with our clients that not only provides timely funding, but also helps our clients avoid some of the pitfalls that exist in this field. As a Med-Care Solutions client, you’ll appreciate the way we…

  • Give Fast Approvals – As a market leader, Med-Care understands the importance of swift medical lien funding approvals to (a) ensure that the treating physician does not take the patient to a different facility and (b) avoid delaying a needed procedure or risk causing the patient to not receive proper treatment at all.
  • Provide a Quick and Easy Payment Process – You’ll never be kept in the dark regarding where your medical accounts receivable financing cases stand. Medcare will provide you with quick access to the status of each account, including where it stands in the approval process and when your payment will be or was issued.
  • Provide Medical Receivables Funding for a Wide Variety of Procedures – Medcare Solutions purchases lien-based receivables for:
    • Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital Surgical and Trauma Procedures
    • Consultations and Treatment with Physician Specialists
    • MRIs
    • CT Scans
    • EMG/NCV Procedures
    • Spinal Injections
    • Pain Management
    • Implant Devices
    • Physical Therapy

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Medcare Solutions is the nationwide leader in providing this type of unique financial solution to healthcare facilities and healthcare providers. Through our Lien, LOP and Worker’s Comp Funding Program, we reimburse quality medical care for patients who have been injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident or other type of personal injury accident, including worker’s compensation cases. Medcare Solutions delivers a fast and effective health care financing solution. Our medical accounts receivable financing program is easy to initiate and delivers immediate bottom-line results. To learn more about medical receivables funding from Medcare Solutions, call us at 1-877-309-3111. We will be glad to answer your questions on medical lien funding.

Dr. Kamran Abdo