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LOP Funding LOP Lien Funding: You are the victim of an accident?  Are you in pain and desperately in need of the medical treatments that will restore your quality of life? Has your attorney told you that the settlement can take months or even years? Can you wait that long? Medcare Solutions can provide you with a “Letter Of Protection” (LOP) that will pay the doctors right now for the treatments you need, without a dime coming out of your pocket. (more …)

Pharmacy Pharmacy: If you don’t have insurance (or your insurance doesn’t provide you with enough coverage) and you need prescription services to obtain the pharmaceuticals that are necessary for you to lead a normal life, the Medcare Solutions Pharmacy Program is for you.  With no co-pays, no deductibles and no upfront costs, our pharmacy program is exactly what you (or your attorney) have been looking for. (more …)

Medical Accounts Receivable Funding Workers CompensationWere you injured on the job and are finding out the hard way that the Worker’s Compensation system can be frustrating and difficult to understand? Even though Worker’s Comp was designed to make the process of work-related injuries easier, many times the injured person is still left feeling lost, alone and confused when it comes to finding the doctors who will provide them the treatments they need today.  The settlements can take a lot longer than you expected, but there is no reason to suffer needlessly when you can make one call to Medcare Solutions. (more …)

Medical Accounts Receivable Financing, Workers Comp Funding & Accident Patient Finance

Receive Lien-Based, LOP, Personal Injury or Workers Comp Receivable Funding – Reimbursement IN JUST 15 DAYS!

Health insurance is changing in a big way; if you are a provider, you are more in need of innovative physician financing solutions than ever. Fortunately, you can trust Med-Care Solutions to handle all your medical receivables funding and medical injury funding needs.

Med-Care Solutions specializes in funding medical liens so that providers, hospitals and surgery centers can treat accident victims, workers comp patients and others who unexpectedly find themselves in need of medical treatment – even if the patient is uninsured.

Taking advantage of our medical account receivables financing service ensures that providers can accelerate cash flow, meet payroll, expand their services…

Get reimbursed in just 15 days!

No more waiting years to get reimbursed for the care you provided to personal injury patients. In our medical accounts receivable financing service, Med-Care Solutions purchases all your personal injury and workers comp accounts, ensuring that you receive immediate reimbursement while avoiding the interest, penalties and carrying costs associated with traditional medical account receivables financing. Plus, if any of the liens we purchase are ultimately uncollectable, we absorb the loss – not you.

Work with an Experienced Medical Receivables Funding Provider

We understand that timely funding is not the only issue at hand. When choosing a medical financing and workers comp receivable funding service, providers need a company that handles each transaction with sensitivity, both during and after the account funding period. For that reason, Med-Care Solutions handles each medical lien funding transaction with professionalism.

We respect the relationship between hospitals and physicians, as well as the relationship between medical practices and the attorneys that refer them to us. We respect the roles that all concerned parties play in the medical financing and workers comp receivable financing process, and aim to protect the reputation of everyone involved.

Avoid the Difficulties of Medical Accounts Receivable Financing

Some of the most common difficulties encountered during the medical financing process can be avoided when you place your liens in the hands of Med-Care Solutions. Throughout our 10+ years in business, we have always aimed to provide:

Fast approvals: In order for the patient to receive treatment swiftly and at the proper facility, it is important for medical lien funding approvals to be granted quickly. Med-Care Solutions provides fast approvals so that procedures are not delayed and patients receive care at the appropriate facility.

Easy access: While other medical financing services may keep you in the dark about where each case stands, Med-Care will provide you with quick access to the status of each account. Whether you are a provider or a facility, you can always know where each case is in the approval process. We gladly tell you when each payment will be issued.

Generous funding: Med-Care Solutions provides medical financing for a wide range of issues, including:

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital Surgical and Trauma Procedures
  • Consultations and Treatment with Physician Specialists
  • MRIs
  • CT Scans
  • EMG/NCV Procedures
  • Spinal Injections
  • Pain Management
  • Implant Devices
  • Physical Therapy

This means that whether the patient is injured in an accident or involved in a workers comp case (California workers comp financing is a specialty,) you can provide whatever care is needed without worrying about receiving payment. Patients receive care, and providers get paid. Medical lien financing is a health care funding solution that works, especially when it is delivered by the experienced professionals of Med-Care Solutions.

Contact Us for More Information

For more information on our personal injury and workers comp receivable financing service, contact Med-Care Solutions at (877) 909-3111. If you prefer, take a moment to fill out our contact form and a knowledgeable representative will reply as soon as possible.